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The team at Pono Coaching & Consulting, Inc. partners with individuals and organizations to help them achieve their fullest potential through Coaching, Training, and Consulting.


We are inspired by people and teams that are on a mission to grow ideas, lead their causes, and make a difference in this world.


Why Pono?

In Hawaiian culture, if a person is living pono, it means that they have struck the right balance in their relationships with other things, places, and people in their lives. It also means that they are living with a continuous conscious decision to do right by themselves, by others, and by the world in general.


We work with clients to find that balance. Using innovative coaching concepts and collaborative consulting, we'll help you find your focus, set goals, develop skills, and live fully into your values. 

Who are we?

Sharna and Deb are business partners as well as spouses. For 30+ years, they’ve individually worked with people and companies to increase their impact, create change, and find innovative solutions to the obstacles that diminish results, decrease fulfillment, and steal joy.


Together, they and other Pono colleagues bring decades of expertise to partnerships that help create effective leaders, strong teams, productive companies, and happy humans.

Our Clients

Sharna Fey, CPCC, PCC

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with more than 25 years of experience, Sharna works with individuals and corporations, as an executive coach, trainer, educator, speaker, and consultant.

Deb Stallings headshot.jpg

Deb Stallings, CPCC


Empowering non-profits though fundraising, leadership, strategic planning, through organizational development, Deb has directly advanced equity and inclusion.

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